About us

Energized CO is an athletic brand that represents self expression, individuality and acceptance. Our LOGO, the shield, represents strength and perseverance. While the spread wings reflects our ability to rise above daily challenges. The brand caters to athletes, however, it exemplified the common the challenges faced by all of us.

Our CEO, Carlos Francois, purchased Energized CO in 2017, from a motivated and talented individual, who established the brand in 2016. Even though, ownership has changed the core values which are imbedded in the fabric of each product will continue to be upheld by ownership.



Carlos Francois

Hobbies: Kayaking, Working out , Proud Vet!

Carlos Francois, MHA,MLS (ASCP), is a 12 year military veteran whose interest in a healthy living has been the cornerstone of his life for the past 15 years. Carlos has mentored several peers on the importance of a healthy body and fortified mind. Hence, his interpretation of the company logo. Carlos is excited to offer quality, comfortable and affordable active wear that can be worn for any occasion. 

BS in Medical Technology

BS in Immunology/Serology

Master in Healthcare Science/Clinical Applications

American Society of Clinical Pathologist (ASCP) Certified

Marketing Officer/Brand Placement Manager

Paul Matlock

Hobbies: Hiking, Climbing, Biking.

Paul Matlock, is a technologically gifted individual that enjoys biking, camping and hiking. Paul is charged with securing accounts for Energized CO and its affiliates - Linkemerg LLC, Exquisite Styling LLC and C. Francois LLC. 

VP of Linkemerg LLC

VP of CodingPixel

Chief Advisor for C.Francois LLC


Model/Advertisement Specialist

Malcolm Hayes, is an amateur bodybuilder in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, whose accolades have grown since entering the sport. Recently, he placed  second in Class F, Men's Physique at the Ronnie Coleman Classic. He was voted one of the brightest your bodybuilders of 2017. Energized CO will also be one of Malcolm's sponsors during his tournaments.  

Al-Majid Adams

Hobbies: Weightlifting, Evidence Based Research.

Majid is a Master trainer/Diet Consultant/Nutritionist with several years of experience in the arena of fitness. He spent a few years in Germany, where he played professional soccer. He currently uses molecular research and blood type analysis to develop meal plans that are individually focused. Mr. Adams will be a regular consultant to Energized CO, as we offer various services to our members.

BS in Pharmaceutical Science

Masters in Clinical Functional Nutrition

Naturopathic Physician

Certified Physician in Nutrigenomics

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Candidate